FKA Twigs - Two Weeks

Anonymous asked: do you like penis or vag?

YOU’LL never know

Anonymous asked: Hi Jen, you are so intelligent and not afraid of being who you are and basically my hero. I don't know if you know about Jungian psychology types or 'MBTI' (the pop psych version) but if you do, I was just curious on whether you classify yourself as a 'Thinker' or a 'Feeler'? No worries if you prefer not to answer. Rock on.

thank u for this very respectful message. i honestly don’t know, tbh. sometimes i think i’m a definite ‘thinker,’ but then other times (like when i accidentally kill a fly while trying to scoop it out the window and my heart hurts so much i have to sit down for a while), it seems silly to pretend that i’m not as much a ‘feeler.’

sorry that this doesn’t really answer your question in any definitive way!


Anonymous asked: Who are you? Why do so many journalists follow you on twitter?

thank you for pointing this out. i have no idea, but it would be best if u alerted all concerned parties to this grievous error in judgement as soon as possible!


pls chill out

Anonymous asked: in better news obvious child has leaked. i know you wanted to watch it at a cinema but i dunno when it will be released in nz.

this is a very respectful DM, thank u

Th’ Dudes - Be Mine Tonight

Anonymous asked: I want to send you a picture of my dick.

please resist that urge

Anonymous asked: Insecure. Right?


some days i take a lot of pictures of myself at work

5 Tips To Fuck Good ›

Okay, here’s how to fuck good:

Charlie Markus, a truly nice guy, came with his wife, Annie Whitman, aka Easy Annie, the girl he saved in high school by teaching her to have self-respect.

Someone just found an old .txt file of her kindle ‘clippings’ and now she remembers why she hated Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later so much.

Brooke Fraser what is going on???