Anonymous asked: in better news obvious child has leaked. i know you wanted to watch it at a cinema but i dunno when it will be released in nz.

this is a very respectful DM, thank u

Th’ Dudes - Be Mine Tonight

Anonymous asked: I want to send you a picture of my dick.

please resist that urge

Anonymous asked: Insecure. Right?


some days i take a lot of pictures of myself at work

5 Tips To Fuck Good ›

Okay, here’s how to fuck good:

Charlie Markus, a truly nice guy, came with his wife, Annie Whitman, aka Easy Annie, the girl he saved in high school by teaching her to have self-respect.

Someone just found an old .txt file of her kindle ‘clippings’ and now she remembers why she hated Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later so much.

Brooke Fraser what is going on???

*waits for u to make plans* *never sees u again*

Anonymous asked: Why do you spend your time white whining about First World Feminist Problems like mansplaining? Where is the concern for women's rights in countries where women are not allowed to go to school or choose who they marry or drive cars etc.? If the worst thing that's happened to you is a man sent you a creepy message on OK Cupid, you're doing alright.

actually the worst thing that happened to me was being sexually assaulted but thanks for writing in i guess

ya gurl

…he ate my heart in half
and I was glad.

Anne Sexton, from Begat (via violentwavesofemotion)


buy here

(via zazzle-poetry)

Anonymous asked: You hate America? How adorable. Well then, please, get in line.

ahahaha u tried to be condescending and accidentally fucked up the sarcasm

Anonymous asked: "I'm 26, a Scorpio and own a Kindle repair shop on 6th called Rekindle." - Jordan

what’s your dick like homie